четверг, 11 апреля 2013 г.

Improved screencast with Byzanz

Byzanz - small and useful utility for screencast which generate GIF on the output.

You can find more information about byzanz here and here.

Typical you are using Byzanz like that:

$ byzanz-record --duration=45 --delay=10 --x=0 --y=87 --width=860 --height=520 output.gif

Next, you are trying to hide anything in 10 seconds and doesn't know exactly when 45 seconds are, hell, will over.

I done small improvement to solve this issue:

$ ( sleep 8 ; notify-send "1..2..3..Go" ; sleep 43 ; notify-send "Few seconds to over" ) & \
byzanz-record --duration=45 --delay=10 --x=0 --y=87 --width=860 --height=520 output.gif ; notify-send "Done"

Now you can hide anything before you will see notification "1..2..3..Go". Next doing your screencast before you will see "Few seconds to over". Finally you will see "Ready".


Of Course you should configure byzanz to doesn't record such notifications.

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